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ONE DAY TOUR TO DELPHI - Description, details & prices

The archaeological site consists of the temple of Apollo, the treasury houses, the ancient theatre, the stadium at the top of the hill, while the sanctuary of Athena Pronaia consists of the best known landmark – the “tholos”, a circular structure with 3 of its original 20 doric columns restored, the gymnasium and the sports fascilities, used for training for the athletes that took part in the "Pythian or Delphian Games".
The ancient site, bellow the road, where the temple of Athena Pronaia, the Tholos and the Gymnasium are located, is not visited in the guided tour. You can choose the tour without lunch and visit them on your own, without the tour guide.

Today, next to the archaeological site, there is an impressive museum, displaying findings from the local excavations, that started 1892. The highlights are offerings by the oracle visitors, such as the famous Charioteer, the statue of Antinoos, the two "kouros" statues, the “omphalos”, being the sculptured stone that represented the navel of the world, and many others.

When you finish with the sightseeing, you proceed to a local restaurant for lunch (optional), and after lunch the driver stops for 40 minutes at the nearby traditional village of Arachova. The bus arrives in the centre of Athens at +/- 18.30.

Time Tour Plan Services
7:30 Start the pick up service Depart from the terminal at 08.30
11:30 Arrival in modern Delphi village On the way, 20 mins break near Levadia
11:45 Visit the museum & the ancient site Entrance fees - See the price you paid
13:45 Drive to a local restaurant for lunch Lunch, is optional - See the price you paid.
15:00 Start the return towards Athens Stop at the village of Arachova
18:30 Arrival in the centre of Athens Hotel drop off by 19.30

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