GALAXIDI and the “alevromountzouromata”.

During the carnival period, the people of Galaxidi wander about the streets dressed in carnival costumes. In every neighborhood, they light fires, dance, eat, drink and have fun. The residents of Galaxidi do not attack each other with streamers, confetti and other carnival "ammunition", but they prefer to sprinkle their fellow citizens with flour instead. This is a very old custom, which started in 1801 and is surviving up to these days. At that time, citizens of Galaxidi, despite the Turkish occupation, wanted to celebrate the carnival, to dance and have fun. They used to dance in circles, one for the ladies, and another for men. Most of them had masks on their face, or they just painted them black. As years went by, they added the habit of throwing flour or other fine powder at each other. All locals participate in this custom. The Carnival of Galaxidi is very lively and colourful. People keep the regional carnival customs with respect. The big celebration is on "clean" Monday.

Municipality of Galaxidi: Tel.: 22650 41319

and see the YOUTUBE video of the happenings at Galaxidi