HOW TO SECURE A BOOKING IN TWO STEPS. (Fill in all the details).
We expect all the clients to read and understand the following terms & conditions.

If you do not have the hotel in Athens yet, please write TERMINAL, and give us the hotel later.
If there are children in the booking, please give us in the comments table, the dates of birth.

1) From our websites | | choose the tour that you wish to join. Please, check the days that the tour is organized. Do not request bookings on days that the tours are not organized.
All dates and days that the tours are organized are mentioned on the tour descriptions and in the
The dates mentioned in this website, include the days that the tours are organized by the 3 big Tour Operators.

1a) After making sure that your request is on the right day, your first step is to fill and submit the INSTANT CONFIRMATION booking form that you find in the respective tour webpage that is found in my, in the top menu link "GUIDED TOURS".

- For the One day tours / cruise you submit the booking form
If there are different prices mentioned, please, clarify in the comments window, the price that you choose to book.
- For the Two day tour to Delphi and Meteora the
- For multi day tours, you may fill the booking form
- and for booking any of the train packages in the
- If you do not find a booking form, please, contact us at

1b) We shall reply, usually within 24 hours during our working hours. Saturdays & Sundays and Greek public holidays the office is closed.

The bookings have a cancellation / payment option date, 15 days before the departure of the tour at the latest. If they are not paid on time all confirmed bookings are automatically cancelled. Make sure that you avoid the cancellation deadline.

2) Your second and last step is to click on our PAY ON LINE Bank Secure webpage of the EUROBANK of Greece, and using your credit card, you pay the cost of the service or pay the deposit required. If the arrival transfer is included in the package, then you may pay 50% of the total amount and pay the balance on the day you arrive in Athens.
(P.S. This is a Secure Bank website, meaning that the bank does not allow the visit from an I-phone, or, any mobile tool.
Use a PC or laptop if you want to make a payment, otherwise you will receive an "error" message.

A couple of minutes after completing your payment, the bank software sends you a message. This is your receipt.
At the same moment it releases the same message to us, telling us about the transaction and that the money have been deposited.
To protect you, the bank allows payments up to 2000.00 euro at the maximum. You may have to break the amount in two payments.

As soon as we receive the message from livepay, we reconfirm that we found the money and the latest by the next day, due to the time difference, we send as an attachment to your e mail address, the voucher, if you need to have one.

Please, print the voucher(s), and give a copy to the tour Operator.

Thank you for trusting Astoria Travel with your tours in Greece. We try to offer you the best prices in the market.