This is a booking request form for the 2 day tour to Meteora.
Before you apply, PLEASE, make sure that the tour operates on the day that you want.
Do not pay any money, before receiving, within 48 hours, our final confirmation reply.
If you don't hear from us within 48 hours, please, get back, and resubmit your request.
After our reply, please visit our Secure Bank website and pay the money.
If your hotel in Athens is pending, you may write "terminal", and, contact us at later
To join the groups you must hold our voucher and to get a voucher you must first pay the amount in full.
Please, be alert and read the short and quick reply in your computer, after your message is submitted.
BOOKINGS during the last 48 hours can be done ONLY in our premises in Athens, 48 Stadiou street.