Hidden beauties of Greece

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THE MESSINIAN CASTLES - Pylos, Methoni, Koroni.

Enjoy beautiful and unusual scenery before arriving at the "King Nestor's Palace". Going through the first castle door of the Palace, a mysterious, fantastic world encompasses us. It is a world of bastions, ramparts, trapdoors and turrets. From between the gun turrets we see the island of Sfaktiria guarding the bay, a bay that is filled with memories from sea battles and heroic performances.

Drive through Pylos toward Methoni with its' world known castle and lake that is the most important one between Venice and Jerusalem. Clearly a Venetian fort that many people worshipped. It is considered something special in present times because of its' 14 arched bridge. This bridge was the work of the French General Maison for the towering of the highly fortified Bourtzi islet at Nafplion and its' eight sided turret. Methoni is one of the most historical areas of Peloponesse. You can enjoy the natural beauty, the sandy beaches, the archaeological sites and the hospitality of the locals. The beaches of Methoni have been awarded with the ‘blue flags'. It's worth visiting the Cemetery of Agios Onoufrios, the Byzantine church of Agios Basilios and the church of Agiou Leontiou.

Overnight at Pylos, another historic castle. Pylos is located on a hill near Navarino Bay, at the southwest coast of the Peloponneseus. Occupied as early as the Middle Bronze Age, the site is dominated by a monumental structure, known as Nestor’s palace, which is the best preserved of the existing Mycenean palaces. Built in the Late Bronze Age (ca.1300 B.C.), the palace consists of 105 ground floor apartments. The most important compartments of the palace are the the big “throne room”, with its circular heath, a room with a clay bath tube, and stores with numerous storage jars. The walls of the palace were decorated with beautiful frescos. The palace was destroyed by fire in the 12th century B.C. Beautiful sandy beaches that stretch for kilometres and can satisfy all tastes, for unforgettable moments of relaxing and fun. Important sights are the Niokastro, Palaiokastro, Boidokoilia and the stony island of Sfagktiria.

Leaving from Pylos we travel through beautiful scenery at Finikounda to arrive at the town of Koroni. Here, the castle has been reduced to ruins by the ages. Two huge cylindrical forts stand above the town like sleepless sentinels.

This tour can be combined with a visit to Olympia in a 3 day tour.

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