Greek taxis are cheap by European standards. All licensed taxis are equipped with metres (the fare is charged per km) and display a card detailing the latest valid tariffs and surcharges. In certain tourist areas, you may be asked to pay a predetermined (standard) amount for a ride to a specific destination; before boarding a taxi make sure to seek information from another source on the exact fare for the journey. Before using a taxi, you should know the following:

* Charge is per km (All mentioned fares are as at the begining of 2005 and are subject to fuel increase).      

For taxis throughout the country: € 0.30 (Tariff 1) and € 0.56 (Tariff 2).

Also € 0.85 for initial charge (flagdown rate).

For rural taxis throughout the country : € 0.28 per km if the passenger is to return to the point of hire (Return trip Tariff 1) and € 0.56 per km in case he does not return to the point of hire (Single trip Tariff 2)

* Other surcharges:

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