Suggested hotels in Athens and extra special rates.

* We suggest the following central hotels in Athens considering: price, convenience and service.
* All suggested hotels are from 50m to 200m from a metro station making it easy
for your airport, and your "getting around Athens" expeditions.
* Prices are per person in double bedrooms including breakfast and taxes.
* Single room (at higher price) and triple room (at lower price ) can be arranged on request.
( ASTORIA Travel with a history of 80 years in the Greek Travel trade is a trustworthy organisation. We are looking forward to hear from you. Even if you have chosen a hotel in Athens that is not in our list, ask us before you make your booking, for the price that we can get for it. We can assure you it will be better than the price you got).

Hotel stars Address

Prices 2009-10

November 09-March 10
Choice of deluxe hotels 5 Athens area, near centre from 60.00
ROYAL OLYMPIC 5 500m. from Syntagma Square 77.00
ESPERIA Palace 4 22 Stadiou St., central area 46.00
Hotel ASTOR 4 Karageorgi Servias, Syntagma 50.00
Choice of A class hotels 4 Athens area, not central from 36.00
ARETHUSA 3 3 Mitropoleos St., Syntagma 39.00
PAN 3 11 Mitropoleos St., Syntagma 34.00
PLAKA 3 47 Mitropoleos St., Plaka 43.00
ATTALOS Hotel 2 29 Athinas St., Monastiraki 37.00
Hotel IONIS 3 Halkokondyli St., Plateia Vathis 25.00
Choice of C class hotels 2 Athens central area from 18.00
Small hotels in Athens ? Athens, 2km. from centre from 18.00

Map of Athens centre to help you find the hotel location.