Travelling in Greece by ferry boat.

The majority of the islands are connected to the port of Piraeus or interconnected by new technology boats.
Tickets for all ferries must be bought before embarkation.

The accommodation on the conventional type ferry boats is in:

Large or heavy pieces of luggage can be stored in a luggage room on the car deck - ask as you board (avoiding carrying all your luggage to the cabin). Even though porters take you and luggage to your cabin, you might have to haul it, often up steps, to the equivalent of the second or third floor of a building, before you reach the reception.

Food on the ships is satisfactory. There are both self service and full service restaurants.

Board Early. You can if you wish board the ship few hours before sailing and enjoy the experience (providing the ship is already in port and previous passengers have fully disembarked).

The faster catamaran type ferries and hydrofoil boats can only transport passengers in aircraft type seats.

Weather and Ferries: The ferries sail when the weather is considered suitable and stable conditions are predicted. If the weather is bad, sailings will be cancelled (but there are a few such days every year), and you must make sure that you are accommodated on the next available sailing.

Cancel your ticket booking at the latest 6 hours before departure and change it to "open" in order to use it on a later date. If case that you want to cancel the ticket you are elligible to 50% refund. If you miss your ferry or the ticket is not canceled properly and is shown as "no show",you will not have any money refunded.

Greece has more than 6,000 islands but only 227 of them are inhabited.

Most of them lie in the Aegean Sea and are divided in seven groups:

The Ionian Sea (west) is home of the island group called:

It is strange but there is no transportation between the different groups of islands which means that you might end up coming all back to Piraeus to get a ferry connection to another island belonging to a different group.
So, when you plan an island hopping holiday you must have in mind to visit islands of the same group or islands somehow connected.


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