Driving Rules in Greece:

Driving in Greece is on the right side, pass on the left, and yield the right of way to vehicles approaching from the right except where otherwise posted. In the round traffic circles the right of way is to vehicles entering the circle. The speed limit is 120 kph (74 mph) on the National Road unless otherwise posted (watch for temporary speed signs where the highway is under repair), 90 kph (54 mph) outside urban areas, and 50 kph (31 mph) in town. Seat belts are required and the penalties are heavy.
The main highways going north and south link up in Athens and both are called Ethniki Odos (National Road). At the city limits, signs in English clearly mark the way to both Syntagma Square and Omonia Square in the town center. Leaving Athens, routes to the National Road are well marked; signs usually name "Lamia" for points north and "Corinth" or "Patras" for points southwest.
Beware: the highways are very slick when wet. Avoid driving in rain and on days preceding or following major holidays; The distance from Athens to Thessaloniki is 515 km; to Kalamata, 257 km; to Corinth, 84 km; to Lamia, 214 km; to Patras,218 km; to Igoumenitsa, 472 km.

Bringing your car with you: To drive your own vehicle in Greece, you are required to have with you: a) valid car registration papers, b) an international third-party insurance certificate (green card), c) and an international driver's license.
Note: Valid American and EU licenses are accepted in Greece.

PARKING PROBLEM: A serious challenge in the big cities and towns of Greece is car parking. If you stay at the better hotels, they will probably provide parking, either on their premises or by some arrangement with a nearby lot. There are few parking garages or lots in Greece. Follow the blue signs with their white "P" and you may be lucky enough to find an available space. Most Greek city streets have restricted parking of one kind or another. But in some cities, signs usually yellow, and with the directions in English as well as Greek will indicate that you can park along the street but must purchase a parking ticket from a nearby kiosk. Otherwise, be prepared to park fairly far from your base or destination. Lock your car and remove all obvious valuables from sight, in order to avoid broken into problems.

Car Ferry service is available on most ferries. When in Athens, for some of the Cyclades Islands, crossing is shorter and less expensive from Rafina, the second harbour of Athens an hour east of Athens. Car ferry services are operated in a lot of short crossings.

Car rental

We provide carhire service anywhere in greece and organise renting reliable cars. A valid National driving license and a credit card, used as a guarantee, especially for trafic fines, are required. Prices range from 26.00 euro per day for a small car or 39.00 euro per day for a medium size one and depend also on the duration of the rental period. For more information, procedures and conditions of rental, contact us at tours@astoria.gr .