The Best monuments and sites of Ancient Greece

The Acropolis of Athens: No matter how many times you have visited the temple standing for thousands of years, you never get tired of another visit.
Olympia & Delphi: Try to visit both. That's the only way you'll be able to decide which one of the two is the most beautiful ancient site in Greece. Olympia, a place of living pilgrimage for people involved in sports and Delphi, “the centre of the world”.
The Mycenae fortress and the Epidaurus theatre, near Nafplion.
Nemea: This site has it all: a beautifully restored stadium, a handsome museum, and a romantic temple.
The Minoan Palace of Knossos (Crete): An unending maze of rooms and levels and stairways and corridors and frescoed walls.
Vergina: In the brilliantly designed museum, you can peek into what may have been the tomb of Alexander the Great's father, Philip of Macedon.
Delos: Although in ruins, much of this remarkable site still remains in testament to its former grandeur.

The Best Scenic Villages & Towns of Greece

Monemvassia: The castle rock-island town, is Lakonia’s most spectacular site.
Nafplion: The old town is the loveliest town in the Peloponnese.
Metsovo and the Zagorohoria: Steep slopes, ever-green conifers, stone houses with slate roofs, villagers in traditional clothing speaking a Latin- based language. Refreshing in the summer and invigorating in the winter ski season.
Chania (Crete): Chania has managed to hold on its Venetian-Renaissance and later Turkish heritage.
Chora (Folegandros islands): is one of the most beautiful and least spoiled villages in the Cyclades.
Gialos (Symi islands): has been declared a protected architectural treasure and is the reason why Symi is known as "the jewel of the Dodecanese."
Skopelos Town: A traditional whitewashed port town, is adorned with pots of flowering plants.
Rhodes and the old medieval town: Different from all the other Greek islands.
Corfu Town: The old town, a Venice-like warren of structures, its massive Venetian fortresses enclosing a lively population and constant visitors, the island is urban Greece at its finest.
Pyrgi & Mesta (Chios islands): These two villages, are marvelous creations of the medieval imagination. In Pyrgi, every available surface is covered with geometric black-and-white decorations, while Mesta has preserved its medieval urban fabric.

The Best Islands of Greece

Hydra: Handsome stone mansions overlooking a picture-postcard harbour, Hydra was one of the first Greek islands to be "discovered."
Santorini: Undoubtedly one of the most spectacular sights in the world. Visit the island and see why it’s one of the most popular summer vacation spots.
Syros: This tiny island has it all: a vivacious, cosmopolitan capital town; thriving beach resorts along the west coast, archaeological remains, and remote beaches to the north. Syros is one of the centers of rembetika, a form of Greek traditional music with roots in Asia Minor.
Rhodes: has everything a visitor wants—dazzling ancient and medieval ruins, great food, spectacular beaches, and the hottest nightlife outside of Athens.
Skyros: Winding roads and remote beaches, one main town and a few minor villages, some ancient legends and 20th-century tales. Skyros also offers both a living local culture and some natural wildness.
Corfu: Lush vegetation, some still undeveloped interior and unspoiled coast, ancient sites and a 19th-century presence, a dash of Italy and a dose of the cosmopolitan, Corfu is a Greek island like no other.
Chios: You'd think that an island with such gorgeous beaches, exquisite medieval towns, and remarkable scenery wouldn't remain a secret for long.
Crete: Whether for its rugged mountains, its countless beaches, its ancient remains, its ultramodern hotels, its history or its intense people, Crete cannot be denied. It is not another Greek island—it is a world unto itself.

The Best Beaches of Greece

Nafplion: After a vigorous day of sightseeing, the small beach near the city of Nafplion, seems like the best in Greece.
Elafonissos Island: On this uknown to the tourists island you will find some of the best beaches in Greece.
The southwest coastline of Peloponnese: All along the edge of Peloponnesus, from Pylos all the way to Patras, lie more sandy beaches than in all the rest of Greece put together (remember to stop at the perfect ring of a bay, the Voidokilia).
Plaka (Naxos):
Naxos has the longest stretches of sea sand in the Cyclades, and Plaka is the most beautiful and pristine beach on the island.
Paradise (Mykonos): Paradise is the quintessential party beach, known for wild revelry that continues through the night. This is a place to see and be seen.
Grammata (Syros): Grammata possesses all the elements of a paradise enclosed by an oasis of palm trees at the outlet of a natural spring. The beach is only accessible on foot or by boat.
Lalaria Beach (Skiathos): This gleaming white pebble beach boasts vivid aquamarine water and white limestone cliffs.
Megalo Seitani (Samos): Megalo Seitani and its neighbour, Mikro Seitani, are situated on the remote northwest coast of Samos. Both beaches are superb.
Vroulidia (Chios): White sand and a remote location combine to make this beach one of the most exquisite small beaches in the Northeastern Aegean.

The Best Natural Wonders in Greece

The Santorini Caldera and the volcano: As you approach Santorini by ferry, the whitewashed cliff top village of Fira is a sight you 'll never forget.
The Caves of Dyros (Mani): No one knows just how far these caves run into the seaside cliffs of Diros. You can get some idea of how vast they are by taking a tour on one of the boats that explore this underground labyrinth.
Vikos Gorge and the Zagoria(Epirus): With its wooded slopes, and rugged riverbed, the Vikos Gorge in Epirus is as impressive as any other well known gorge. Two hiker's delights, the Vikos-AoosNational Park and the Vikos Gorge.
Samaria Gorge(Crete): At 18 km. long, the Samaria is the longest gorge in Europe. But it's not the physical dimensions that attract thousands each year. It’s the wildflowers, the cold stream, and the experience of making your way from the heart of Crete to its coast.
The Matala caves in the rocks above the sandy beach.

The Best of Greece's Religious Treasures

Panagia Evangelistria (Tinos): The most revered Eastern Orthodox shrine in Greece, Evangelistria is a neoclassical gem, filled with treasures, on one of the friendliest, most hospitable islands.
Patmos: a place of pilgrimage. The Monastery of St. John and the Cave of the Apocalypse, where St. John dictated the Book of Revelation, are among the most revered Byzantine treasures in the world.
The Meteora and the Byzantine monasteries: are one of the most awesome sights in Greece. Inside, the monasteries are equally impressive, with fine collections of manuscripts, frescoed chapels, shy monks, and chatty nuns.
Mount Athos: Only men can visit the Holy Mountain, where monks still live in isolation in some of the most isolated and beautiful monasteries. If you can't go to Athos itself, take the cruise around the peninsula offering excellent views of the rugged, pine-clad promontory and some of the monasteries.

The Best of Greece's Archaeological Treasures

The Archaeological museum in Athens:
The Archaeological museum at Heraklion:
The Ancient Greek Agora site:

You must not leave Greece without:

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