The island of Syros.

SYROS is the administrative centre of the Cyclades islands. Its capital, Ermoupolis is a charming town with beautiful sandy beaches and rocky inlets. One of the attractions is the neoclassical architecture, which makes it different from the other Cycladic Islands. The island apart from the beautiful monuments of the city has more things to offer and has earned a place between the most popular resorts. There are beaches, sufficient number of lodgings, marinas, and airport, excellent cuisine (served in traditional taverns and luxurious restaurants) there is night life and folk music (rebetika or Greek blues)...

Archaeological finds testify that the island was inhabited from Prehistoric times and it was an important centre of the Cycladic civilisation. The name Syros, means "rocky". In Byzantine times, it came under the rule of France and later of Venice. During these times, Catholicism took a strong hold of the region and Syros became the only island of the Aegean Sea with exclusively Catholic inhabitants. With the beginning of the War of Independence in 1821, inhabitants from the islands of Chios, Psara and Smyrni took refuge here. They brought the art of modern shipbuilding to the island. From this historic moment, Syros turned into an important commercial and seafaring centre of the Aegean Sea. Today’s capital, Ermoupolis, was constructed at that time. The Orthodox religion of these immigrants started to spread throughout the island. Today the population of the island is divided to orthodox and Catholics, but they have nothing to divide. The worst that can occur is to run from one church to the other in order to attend to the same wedding in orthodox and Catholic version (this happens when the couple belongs to different church). Apart from the above the rest of the church festivities are celebrated together and we suggest that you attend the celebration of Easter. Ermoupolis has gathered many important people from the rest of Greece, as it was a refuge under the protection of the French.

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