Choose astoria travel and discover Greece with people that know and love Greece.

Two day tours to places of interest in Greece. (Possible extension of stay).

We offer you a variety of two day tours to bring you the experience of both ancient and modern Greece. We selected places that you will not have the chance and the time to visit on your own. We feel pride for our country, and we want to show you the hidden beauties of Greece. Arrange your days & dates.
We give you the freedom many travellers are looking for. For lodging, we choose nice hotels at the best locations.

* Monemvasia - The famous island castle town.
* Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games.
* Nafplion -The beautiful first capital of modern Greece.
* Corinth, the city St. Paul selected and lived for 18 months.
* Sparta & Mystras - One time capital of the Byzantine Empire.
* Kalavryta and the famous cog train ride over the Vouraikos river.
* Mount Olympus - The 12 gods had chosen it to be their home.
* Volos - and the archaeological sites of Dimini and Sesclo.
* Delphi - The naval of the earth and house of the Pythia.
* Meteora - The huge grey rocks and the monasteries.
* Ioannina, Metsovo, the Zagoria and the Vikos gorge.
*Thessaloniki - The city of Great Alexander.
* Plastira Lake - a beautiful artificial lake.

Two day (or more) tours in Greece.

Make your own package and visit beautiful places off the beaten track on a minibus.

Organised even for small teams or families.