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Hidden beauties of Greece

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Mount Olympus, home of the Gods.

The Litohoro village is at the base of the mountain. The view of Mount Olympus from the village is incredible, and it's easy to understand why the Gods would want to live here. Weshall drive up the mountain on a partially paved road until we can go no further . The temperature at this altitude drops by about 25 degrees. The peak of the mountain most of the times is obscured by clouds, but the view is fantastic.

Dion is an ancient site nearby on the foothills of Mt.Olympus, it was the sacred site of the Macedonians. Alexander the great used to make sacrifices to the Gods here before going off to conquer the world.The ruins of Dion might be the best you'll have the chance to see in your visit to Greece. This extensive site had its heyday after the 5 th century BC; thousands came to the city for festivities and games, which were in honour of the Gods. The city had everything from shops, public buildings and houses for the visitors. This site has only recently been discovered. The area is still being excavated and new discoveries are being made every day. Interesting artefacts from the site have been unearthed, perhaps the best are the statues of the Goddess Isis, and copies stand on the site of the originals that are in the sites museum. Excavations have revealed a theatre, sanctuaries and buildings from the early Iron Age to the Byzantine period. You can walk down roads that the ancient Romans built centuries ago. A must see for any visitor to northern Greece. Visit the Archeological park and the museum at ancient Dion.

During the month of August, during the Mt. Olympus' Festival, plays take place in the renovated theatre.

Pella: The old town constitutes the essence of the beauty of Greek nature. There are findings that testify to human presence from the prehistoric period and reflect the attraction that this land exercises.Visit the website of the Ministry of Culture for more information.


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