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Hidden beauties of Greece

Monemvasia, the Castle island.

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The island of Monemvasia, known as the Gibraltar of Greece, is a massive rock rising from the sea and connected to the mainland by a causeway. The medieval town of Monemvasia dominated by a protective fortress can be reached only through a tunnel; Its name, comes from the words moni, meaning ?single,? and emvasi, meaning ?entry.? It is truly an amazing sight. As you approach from over the hills you are hit with the image of an enormous mountain in the sea, connected to the land by a narrow bridge. From the land it looks like just a mountain and if you look more closely you may see a tiny church perched on the top. However if you cross the bridge and walk around the side of the mountain you will suddenly come to a wall stretching from the sea to the mountain. Behind the wall is an ancient town protected from all sides by sea, wall and mountain.
Monemvasia is in the Top Ten of the most beautiful and unspoiled spots of Greece. It's a 13th c. Byzantine village. When you enter the vaulted gates the this walled community tou will be delighted by the unspoiled charm and tender beauty of the quiet village. Explore the narrow, cobbled streets of this charming village, which was the commercial center of Byzantine Morea.

It is a wonderful place and one of the must see places in this world. See the video on Monemvasia.

2000 years ago people built up a town at the top of a 300 meter rock to be protected from the barbarians. The Rock was separated from the mainland by an earthquake in 337 AD and today the Monemvasia rock with its castle is actually an island accessible only through an entrance which many years ago used to be a portable, wooden bridge. This causeway links Peloponessus with the Rock of Monemvasia. The settlement is divided into two sections, more......

If you are a team of 4 - 8 persons we suggest a 2-day tour combining:
Epidaurus - Mycenae and Monemvasia with a short stop at Mystras.

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